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An entrepreneur, businessperson, and street painting artist from New York City who wishes to have a conversation with creatives, innovators, and developers envisioning the merger of traditional street painting art and newest technology for programs and initiatives in positive, successful ways related to the real world art form of street painting.

I have been a street painting artist since 2001, starting Art for After Hours ( to bring professional street painting art talent to programs in the USA and internationally for corporate, exhibitions, and special events successfully.

In 2007, I co-founded a second company, Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. to develop new ways to reach the next generation of younger street painting artists using the technologies and concepts such as Social Networking and 'Blended' street painting art events for real world and virtual world applications. Visit the Innovative Street Painting, Inc. website ( to learn more about what we do.

The 'Business of Street Painting' blog - specifically to initiate, maintain, and expand an ongoing business oriented conversation on the art form of street painting in particular as it can apply to new, innovative developments in advertising, marketing, and public relations to bring a successful message to their clients and viewers.


augmented reality, virtual reality, AR, VR, haptics, virtual spaces, creativity, entrepreneurship, street painting art and artwork, merging of art and technology, animation, innovation to benefit art and business, hybrid events, 3D apps, 4D, development, launching, AR, MR, OS, SL